2020.5.28 プレスリリース

[Press Release] AWL Received “Mizuho Innovation Award”-Honored for COVID-19 Solutions utilizing AI-


[Press Release] AWL Received “Mizuho Innovation Award”-Honored for COVID-19 Solutions utilizing AI-

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Press Release

AWL Received “Mizuho Innovation Award”
-Honored for COVID-19 Solutions utilizing AI-

AWL (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Muneharu Kitade, hereinafter referred to as “The Company”), the market leader in AI camera solutions, is awarded “Mizuho Innovation Award” (1Q of 2020).

AWL、「Mizuho Innovation Award」を受賞

As reasons for the award, we were acclaimed for following points:
1) Realized high value-added and affordable AI camera solutions to address the issues centering on retail industry,
2) Established global engineering framework under diverse management member to promote business, and
3) Challenging new missions towards future growth taking advantage of alliance partners.

[Mizuho Innovation Award]

“Mizuho Innovation Award” is the award given by Mizuho Bank Ltd. to support startup companies working on innovative business. Mizuho Bank quarterly selects and awards the startups from the view of competitive advantage, teamwork, and growth potential, etc.
The award-winning startups will gain support from Mizuho Bank such as business matching with major corporations.

[AWL Now]

The Company released two services: “AWL BOX”, which adds AI features to existing security cameras in store, and “AWL Lite”, the application which enables Smartphone, tablet, and signage to utilize AI features. The services offer innovative AI solutions for marketing, sales promotion, and crime prevention, etc., helping to tackle various issues the retailers are facing.

As the world confronts the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), The Company promptly launched joint development project with two other Hokkaido University-based companies, made “AWL Lite with COVID-19 Solutions” available only within two weeks. After the release of new AI technology to monitor “3Cs” and mask detection etc. in April, the solutions have been featured on multiple media every day. The Company gains in-depth insight into the market needs and is currently working on development to provide congestion status information in cooperation with SNS and fever screening, etc. The expectation for The Company is greater than ever since the demand for novel AI solutions is increasing not only among retailers, the original targets but also every type of business anywhere people gather.

With the aim of expanding its presence around the world, The Company proactively recruits talents from outside Japan centering on AI specialists. The employees from 18 countries create international corporate culture and are working together towards further development to expand its business from Hokkaido to the world.

Taking maximum advantage of this award, The Company intends to strengthen relationship with major corporations and accelerate growth by offering cutting-edge solutions in a timely manner to support “New Lifestyle” to prevent the spread of the infection and “After Corona” era.

[Webinar information: COVID-19 Solutions for Enterprise]

AI Solutions to avoid “3Cs” (Japanese).

Date:12:00-12:45, Thursday, May 28
At:TBA (*The Zoom link will be provided upon registration.)
Cost:Free (Pre-registration required)
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【Company Profile】
■AWL Inc.

Chief Executive Officer  : Muneharu Kitade, President
Location  : 1-12-4 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0073
Established  : June 2016
Business   : AI Camera Solutions Business
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