2019.9.30 プレスリリース

[Press Release] Notice Regarding New Management Organization


[Press Release] Notice Regarding New Management Organization

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Tokyo, Japan – September 30, 2019 – AWL (President: Muneharu Kitade, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), hereby announces the establishment of new management organization and changes of representative directors and directors, as described as follows.

The following changes were announced on September 20, 2019 (AWL Announces New Management Organization / Notice of Changes of Representative Directors and Directors),
and approved at the shareholders meeting held on September 25, 2019.

■New Organization

Position Name
President, Representative Director and CEO(Chief Executive Officer) Muneharu Kitade
Director and CSO(Chief Service Officer)CSO(Chief Service Officer) Kiyotaka Tanaka
Director and CTO(Chief Technology Officer)(Chief Technology Officer) Yasuhiro Tsuchida
Director and CMO(Chief Marketing Officer) Hiroki Tomiyama
Auditor Akihiko Yamamoto

AWL is a market leader in AI and Deep Learning-based video analytics.
AWL has been the subsidiary of SATUDORA HD, a Retail Leader with innovative strategies in marketing, supply chain and store operations and big data, based on their 40 years of experience of SATUDORA, Sapporo Drug Store, one of the largest retails and health care stores in Japan, since June, 2017.
AWL’s AI technologies meeting SATUDORA Group with their Business Intelligence in Retail, have delivered innovative and effective AI solutions for the Client’s Business Goals.
The new management organization is as part of a planned leadership succession process for AWL’s next step for continuity and opportunity. AWL is currently working on business development with real store trials, aiming to launch the service to retail industries including not only drug stores but also, food, apparel, supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores and home centers throughout Japan. The transfer of shares will continue to create and seize opportunities with the professional AI Solutions and creativity.
Although the Company’s major shareholders will change, to build a stronger partnership, SATUDORA HD and AWL have also entered into an agreement for continuous partnership.
This would accelerate growth for both companies and enable them to transform the store operations with digital technology, provide new store experience, improve store management, and to maximize revenue and profitability throughout AI Solutions.

■New Directors’ Profile

Kiyotaka Tanaka is the Director since September 2019 and CSO, oversees AWL’s engineering organization which drives the core services for the company. Kiyotaka joined AWL, founding it is rewarding as an engineer to develop AI solutions in cooperation with SATSUDORA and broadly implement the technology in society. Kiyotaka everyday feels honored that he is able to make users who actually engage in the retail industry and their customer pleased and make things more convenient for them through our service. Before joining AWL, Kiyotaka served as Director of Digital Marketing Solutions at IOIX Co., Ltd. where he successfully developed new businesses and was promoted CEO of E-commerce joint company of Laforet HARAJUKU. Kiyotaka also has multiple experiences leading successful Tech Start-ups, including Navigation Apps, Big Data, DMP, AI and server development. Kiyotaka began his engineering career developing middleware for mega supermarket POS systems, in 2000 he started to work for internet business, launched E-commerce businesses, platform technology and digital marketing solutions.

Yasuhiro Tsuchida is the Director since September 2019 and CTO of AWL and Director of AI HOKKAIDO LAB, R&D Division, and oversees the company’s global Research and Development on Artificial Intelligence Technology and is responsible for developing the analytical frameworks that shape the company’s business. Sensed the advent of new AI era, Yasuhiro joined AWL to open up the global market from his hometown Hokkaido on the frontline of AI utilization business as an industry leader. Before joining AWL, Yasuhiro served in senior leadership roles at a number of organizations Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. now Panasonic Corporation. Most recently, he served 5 years as Director of New Business Development in Panasonic Silicon Valley LAB to accelerate mobile O2O Commerce. Prior to Silicon Valley LAB, Yasuhiro led multiple core new business development projects in Corporate R&D Division. Yasuhiro began his engineering career at Mobile Communications Company where he developed middleware platform for NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s largest carrier. He received his master’s degree in Computer Science from Hokkaido University Graduate School. He is also a qualified Japanese Patent Attorney from 2009.

AWL members:

■Corporate Profile
AWL, Inc.
President: Muneharu Kitade
Head Office: Tokumiya Bldg. 6F, 1-12-4 Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 102-0073 Japan
Founded: June, 2016
Industry: AI Solutions

■Media contact
A. Fujimatsu & Y. Uchida of Press Services
TEL: +81-3-6380-8669