2019.9.20 プレスリリース

[Press Release] AWL Announces New Management Organization


[Press Release] AWL Announces New Management Organization

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Press Release

AWL Announces New Management Organization

Tokyo, Japan – September 20, 2019 – AWL has announced today that it resolved, at its Board of Directors meeting held on September 20, 2019, changes in the Company’s major shareholders and partnership with SATUDORA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (SATUDORA HD).

1. Events leading to the changes

AWL is a market leader in AI and Deep Learning-based video analytics. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with offices in Hokkaido, Japan and Hanoi, Vietnam. International team with professionals from more than 10 countries, AWL Solutions provide actionable insights and intelligence for AI Industries.
AWL has been the subsidiary of SATUDORA HD, a Retail Leader with innovative strategies in marketing, supply chain and store operations and big data, based on their 40 years of experience of SATUDORA, Sapporo Drug Store, one of the largest retails and health care stores in Japan, since June, 2017.
AWL’s AI technologies meeting SATUDORA Group with their Business Intelligence in Retail, have delivered innovative collaboration including “SATUDORA AI LAB” and effective AI solutions for the Client’s Business Goals.
The management buyout is as part of a planned leadership succession process for AWL’s next step for continuity and opportunity. AWL is currently working on business development with real store trials, aiming to launch the service to retail industries including not only drug stores but also, food, apparel, supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores and home centers throughout Japan. The transfer of shares will continue to create and seize opportunities with the professional AI Solutions and creativity. Other additions to allow the opportunity to further invest the special profits from the business transfer implemented in March, 2019 in future technology development and sales promotion.
Although the Company’s major shareholders will change, to build a stronger partnership, SATUDORA HD and AWL have also entered into an agreement for continuous partnership.

This would accelerate growth for both companies and enable them to transform the store operations with digital technology, provide new store experience, improve store management, and to maximize revenue and profitability throughout AI Solutions.

See the following PDF for details.

AWL Announces New Management Organization