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[Press Release] AWL, a Leading Edge AI camera Solutions Provider Announces Conclusion of Capital and Business Alliance with Katagiri Corporation


[Press Release] AWL, a Leading Edge AI camera Solutions Provider Announces Conclusion of Capital and Business Alliance with Katagiri Corporation

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Press Release

AWL, a Leading Edge AI camera Solutions Provider Announces Conclusion of Capital and Business Alliance with
Katagiri Corporation
-Aiming to promote further sales and business expansion
through the alliance between well-established No.1 construction machine
rental company in Hokkaido and emerging AI venture-

Tokyo, Japan – September 1, 2020 – AWL, Inc. (“The Company”, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, President: Muneharu Kitade), a Hokkaido University-certified venture company and leading edge AI camera solutions provider, has announced that The Company has concluded a capital and business alliance agreement with well-established general B2B rental company Katagiri Corporation (“Katagiri”, Head Office: Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan, President: Hiroshi Katagiri), which implements wide-ranging business including construction, nursing care, logistics, event support, and IT, etc. The Company also announced issued of new shares through a third-party allotment to Katagiri.

Purpose and reasons for the business and capital alliance

With the aim of solving challenges that physical stores and facilities face and help enhance the added values, The Company has worked on development of the edge AI camera solutions. Amid COVID-19 pandemic, The Company quickly responded to the urgent needs of new solutions to lower the infection risks. The cutting-edge AI technology cultivated at the retail frontline is now utilized as “fever screening solution” and “crowd control”, etc., and
The Company is approached by not only retailers, The Company’s original target but also a wider range of business including offices, accommodations, event industry, etc., anywhere people would gather.

On the other hand, founded in 1935, Katagiri has challenged various business such as event support, logistics, nursing care, IT, etc. as a company rooted in Hokkaido. Since the launch of the first construction machine rental business in Hokkaido in 1963, Katagiri has continuously strived to support customer to make their business more efficient through the rental service. Katagiri also shows significant presence in the local big events including Sapporo Snow Festival.

AWL and Katagiri have already started collaboration through thermal camera rental service by Rentacom Hokkaido, one of Katagiri’s affiliate companies. With a view to the further sales expansion and enhanced support for smooth introduction of The Company’s AI solutions to new customers, The Company decided to conclude capital and business alliance with Katagiri, which takes pride in its history, know-hows cultivated by broad range of business, the assets and the networks, and strengthen cooperation also with Katagiri’s affiliate companies: Katagiri Kikai Co., Ltd., Nikken Katagiri Lease Co., Ltd., Hokkaido Office System Co., Ltd., and Rentacom Co., Ltd.

The Company intends to provide Katagiri edge AI technology and solutions such as AWL BOX and AWL Lite, etc. to promote Digital Transformation (DX) of Katagiri’s business. Additionally, The Company and Katagiri intends to provide know-hows and more including human resources of each other’s, and working together to maximize corporate value along with further sales and business expansion.

【Company Profile】
■AWL Inc.

Chief Executive Officer  : Muneharu Kitade, President
Address  : Shin-Tokyo Building 4F 434, 3-3-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 Japan
Established  : June 2016
Business   : Edge AI Camera Solutions Business
URL   :

【Company Profile】
■Katagiri Corporation

Chief Executive Officer  : Hiroshi Katagiri, President
Address  : 7-2-4 Minami 1 Jō Higashi, Chūō-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0051 Japan
Established  : July, 2003
Business   : Management and accounting of group companies, promotion of new business development
URL   :

■For inquiries please contact

Fujimatsu, Uchida / AWL, Inc.
TEL: 03-6671-7392