Nikkei Shimbun introduced a subsidiary established in Hanoi, Vietnam.

After changing its name from AI TOKYO LAB Co., Ltd. on March 1, 2019, and re-departing as  AWL, Inc. we have established “AWL Vietnam, Inc.” as a R & D development base in Hanoi, Vietnam.

It was”AWL Vietnam, Inc”, newly established in Hanoi, Vietnam, welcomes Mr. Quang, who is a professor at the AI ​​laboratory in Hanoi University of Technology, as a CTO, and has graduated from the AI ​​laboratory and is active in the world We have called an AI engineer and started researching and developing advanced technology with 10 people, and plan to have 30 people at an early date.

We will continue to accelerate our global R & D system and strive to provide innovative services at low prices.

Since it was introduced in Nikkei Shimbun this morning, I will describe the URL of the article.

Nikkei Shimbun “Satsudora AI development company, full-scale operation in Vietnam base”