AWL Platform

AWL Platform Outline

Just plug in the AWL BOX and Images from Security Cameras will become actionable data, assembled into meaningful metrics and information. AWL's solution to Maximize Revenue and Profitability is here.


Utilizing Existing Cameras

Minimizing additional installation cost for new cameras by adding AI functions to Existing Security Cameras already installed in stores.


Easy Installation

No complicated installation, just plug in the AWL BOX in your store Backoffice, and it works fine.


Versatility of Data

Offering various functions for each stores' management such as crime prevention, marketing by precise customer behavior analysis from entrance to exit and workforce optimization, etc.,


Connection of External Systems

AWL Platform provides connections to main Store Management Systems, and multiple User Applications, allows partners to access to Application Development Environment. We create more Values through these collaborations.

AWL’s Advantages -multi-functional platform-

AWL Trainer, our Active Semi-Supervised Learning System for Efficient Classification enables to add requested Customer Characteristics in the short term at a low cost.

AWL's Pricing Structure

We offer Best Solutions in Reasonable and Affordable Installation Fee, and Monthly Costs, for the entire Chain Store Operation.